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So, I have tanned skin already due to our swimming last Saturday. Huhu. So I need some scrub to remove dead skin. So I always tell you to use Yoko’s Cucumber Spa Salt.. butw why not try other produts? So today, I tried Body Treats Moisturizing Body Scrub in Lavender.

I think it’s only available at Watsons or SM Department Stores. Hehe. My Review:

  • IT’S GREASY. It’s in a body butter form and you can’t really feel the scrub.

  • It did make my complexion a bit fairer. But not as the same as Yoko’s.
  • It does really moisturizes your skin. Like you applied lotion already. Hihi
  • Smells so good! =)

Overall Rating? Why not. Though I think it costs a bit higher that Yoko’s.. still not bad! But I still prefer YOKO! Hihihi /foreverayokoslave

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