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Harbour Square

May 05, 2013 / 2 ♥ / Comments

After we had our lunch, massage, and quick Breadtalk fix at SM Southmall, we went to Manila. Mom says she wants to “relieve” her and dad’s dates before.. so we went to Harisson Plaza. Then CCP, and Harbour Square. Had our early dinner at KFC Harbour Square hihihi So anyways my outfit! Since it’s summer I want something breezy. So I picked out my flowy skirt (it’s my first time to wear it btw) and paired it with my muscle tee. I think it’s something nice to wear on the beach too, right? :)


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April 30, 2013 / 2 ♥ / Comments


Mother-Daughter OOTD

Kind of day wherein me and mom just want to have the same look. And yes, I’m kinda forcing myself to tie my hair hihi. Will try to curl it soon tho

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Sore Throat

April 27, 2013 / 2 ♥ / Comments

What I wore last 4/25/13 during out Midweek Service. Since my color choices that day was pretty boring, of course adding accessories will spice up my outfit, right? What more if they’re NEON?! Neon is love and instant perk me up for any outfit. So if you’re thinking of investing into accessories, make sure you stock up some neon ones, okay? :)

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Prayer Fasting

April 27, 2013 / 1 ♥ / Comments


What I wore to our Prayer Fasting/Dinner with Zoe. Kai requested me to wear a dress so I opted to this dress. I don’t want anything dressy since it’s just a simple church gathering. It’s my third time to wear this dress and I decided to spice things up by adding a vest. It gave a boho vibe, does it? Should’ve added a fedora hat but hey, I’m just going to church so the simpler, the better. And the service was 5 hours so I need something comfortable. :-)

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