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April 21, 2013 / Comments


I visited Tita Rose (Ronnel’s Mom) before she’ll leave again. Yes, Ronnel is sad again because his Mom won’t be there on his Birthday. Haha. And, it’s Joshua’s birthday that day too. We just talked, watched X-Men: First Class.. and Tita kept teasing us about random things, etc. Also had the time to baby sit our little bundle of joy. With chocolate all over her face. Say yes to the awesome Godfathers and Godmother/Babysitter! :P

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April 04, 2013 / Comments

3/24/13, At Tramway.

Last set of random photos. And since it’s the last set, let me just share my thoughts throughout the festivity. I’m being left behind. HAHA. :-(

Seeing my friend having a baby (lol), and the rest seeing themselves settling down, planning when to have a baby, planning to get married.. and I’m just sitting there listening and thinking how bout me?

Like what Uncle Fester said, ”When you are grown up and very lonely, you will understand.”

But no pressure. In time Tenten, In time. :-)

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April 02, 2013 / 1 ♥ / Comments


Ang Kukulit! Haha. Pero kahit hindi na nila mabitawan ang mic at least we had photos together. Here’s to my two awesome friend who totally loves to sing and the most makulit! :-)

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