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Makeup done all by myself. They say the simplest makeup is the best for any woman like me. Naks! Lakas maka woman diba! Anyways, yes request nila simple makeup lang daw so I did my regular makeup routine. Kaso since it’s a muse thing, for sure ayun todo makeup ang iba (San burol teh. Haha joke!) and of course curly hair forever. Since I can’t curl my hair YET.. ayun bumawi nalang sa lippie.

P.S. Ang taba ko huhuhu

P.P.S. Thanks Arxel for my Excel Matte Hihi Love you.

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Pinup Girl Inspired

January 24, 2013 / Comments


I look soooo 50’s and 60’s in this look. Well, let me tell you. I’m look way better than this early in the morning. Heat, Stuff to do and more made me look so haggard haha :( Anyways it’s a special day for me, since I had a Fridate with a really really special person. Hehe.

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January 22, 2013 / Comments

It’s funny how everything can change in a few minutes.

Left: Pink Lipstick with hair down. (Pa-girl)

Right: Red Lipstick and tied hair. (Pa-mature)

Which do you think looks better on me? :)

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Charot! A lot of girls (Like me) always settle for either Nude or Pink Lipstick Shades. Most of ‘em dont want to try Red for so many reasons. And a lot of people always encourages us girls to find our perfect shade. And I think I found mine. Or maybe I’m just starting to explore the world of possibilities with the Red Lipstick. Mehehe.

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